About Anglers Reef

How We Got Started and What We DoSkunk cleaner shrimp looking over his reef.

It all started as a friend introducing me into the hobby that quickly turned into a passion.

I started off with a 46 gallon bow front tank and a canister filter, I then added live rock from my local LFS. Even though I did not have any fish or coral at this time, I became addicted as all the diversity of life on the live rock peaked my interest. I had to get more!

After a proper cycling of the tank, I added some fish and beginner coral such as Xenia coral and a Toadstool leather coral. After having success with soft coral, I then took my chances with a Indo Torch and Green Hammer coral and this is what pushed me over the edge of no return. The result was bigger tanks, more advanced equipment, more soft and LPS coral as well as the hunger to try SPS. 

When you see #allmymoneygoestocoral, we feel it! 

My love for the hobby is why I strive for information on how I can be a better aquarist. That being said, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and my successes which has fueled my passion to bring you healthy, quality coral ranging from zoanthids to Acropora, a little bit of everything!


If you have any questions or want to learn more about Anglers Reef, send us an email at AnglersReefUSA@gmail.com